Leo Vegas Sports Free Bet Review

Leo Vegas SportsIn connection with the Leo Vegas was listed earlier this spring joined the gang behind the casino out with the big news that a sportsbook would be introduced. Now is the time finally come and you can visit the Leo Vegas whether you want to play casino games, or at online betting. With Leo Vegas has delivered earlier expectations for the addition of sportsbook – especially considering that the mobile casino has been awarded prizes several times since its inception.

Betting players has been a smoking new and fresh sportsbook, namely: Leo Vegas Sports! Today it’s a little more about sports than about casino which is the most common element here on our site, but it nevertheless fall today, for today is UK’s best mobile casino that will open a sportsbook which is both cool for those who also love online betting. Now you can bet on Euro 2016 with Leo Vegas Sports and you get now £30 Free Bet. If you are a big fan of Leo Vegas previously and perhaps at the same time is very interested in sport, this is perhaps a bit like a dream come true! We wish the best of luck with their sportsbook and we are confident that it will go really well for it.

Leo Vegas is one out of them all the best online casinos and is already in the top class on everything else as payments, mobile development, etc. so Leo Vegas Sports will, according to me is sure to be one of most popular sportsbook, at least in mobile devices. Leo Vegas has also introduced its own free bet so only applies to sports. This means that we as players can use free bet and casino bonus. For casino Leo Vegas offer £1500 Welcome Bonus + 250 Free Spins and for sports section applies £30 Free Bet on mobile, that you can activate the first time when you make a deposit. Those who are already customers of Leo Vegas can also use the bonus by selecting it on his account in the context of a new deposit.

Click and Claim £30 Free! Ideal for Euro 2016 Betting

Betting Coverage

In our part of the world, there are three sports that are more popular to bet on than others and it is about football, rugby and tennis. These three sports are well represented in the Leo Vegas Sportsbook, but there are obviously more accessible sports than that. Basketball, baseball, hockey and much more are included in the betting coverage. From day one, the range of different categories and sports is solid. You can check out “Live Now” and “Starting Soon” to say nothing of all the other popular sports such as football, rugby and tennis. Moreover, there are hockey, baseball and cricket, but you can also play at politics, entertainment and chess. In other words, there is plenty of choice when visiting Leo Vegas Sportsbook. Odds format, you can set your personal preferences to either decimal, fractional or American. Otherwise we must say that Leo Vegas Sportsbook is stylish and user friendly while the images offers a real splash of color.

If you like to play online betting so is the game selection is important. There is so much to play and have their own favorite sports or leagues. One thing we really like is that you have given each of betting a completely separate page. There you can find everything you can think of as the odds, starting time, statistics and much more. It takes some time to get used to the system and, as always, there will surely be some players who do not like it. We’ll just see how it will develop in the future.

Leo Vegas is a casino with a very strong focus on mobile games, and of course it has been seen to incorporate sportsbook in mobile product. The whole range of betting odds, including live odds, are there for you to discover when you visit the Leo Vegas on your phone or tablet. More and more people are playing with the phone and it’s something Leo Vegas really working hard on.


As we were on before, we have very high hopes for Leo Vegas Sportsbook. If we combine that with Leo Vegas bonuses offers and competitions, they have all the ingredients to bake a real good cake. We have a very good cooperation with Leo Vegas and we promise that you as readers will always have access to the best bonuses and promotions at Leo Vegas Sportsbook. Leo Vegas Sports is a professional site with and easy to use. You get that gambling is not just a welcome bonus or free bet, but also professional help through good support and a guaranteed good gaming experience. To the side, odds betting, betting coverage, free bet info, how you do your account, all are easily accessible and easy to understand, also gives the plus. A site with both class, personality and clarity.

Bird, fish or somewhere in between, yes there is the question posed in relation to which character it is going to be for Leo Vegas Sports. About one sole exit from the online casino and the development of this, the chances are really good that Leo Vegas also going to do well in down in sports betting. Tipping is something Norwegians really like. It’s too early to give a prediction on how it’s going to go for Leo Vegas Sports, so let’s wait and see what happens! Whatever we can expect an interesting sportsbook.
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