Aloha! Cluster Pays Slot Review

casino bonusesIn March 2016 NetEnt launched a new slot that was first with a distinctive function. This feature is what particularly distinguishes the game from the crowd if you compare with the slot’s other functions. It’s about profits can be given, not only if you get a certain pattern of a symbol on the reels, but even if they are adjacent. More about this you can read further down. The game has a Hawaiian theme, which is revealed by the title of a very clear way. To sum it all up, one can say that the Aloha Cluster Pays is a happy castle with a lovely summery theme and refreshing features.

If we are to describe the Aloha Cluster Pays it is difficult to know where to start. There is so much creativity in the design of the game and it’s certainly hard not to be in a good mood with Hawaii in the background. Besides the grim-looking graphics and friendly holiday music, we have to start by mentioning the gaming machine construction. Usually a slot machine consist of five reels and three lines, which means that you play with 15 symbols. The Aloha Cluster Pays looks quite different. Here you can play with six wheels and five lines after which you have 30 symbols to play with instead.

Gameplay, Theme and Graphics

Another point that is different from traditional slot machines is how you win in Aloha Cluster. Instead of the classic matching symbol combinations you get together clusters of matching symbols. If you manage to get up at least nine matching symbols in a cluster, you win. A cluster means, the symbols somehow related so that they are adjacent without a gap.

Some symbols will activate a feature called Sticky Win Re-Spins. Then the winning symbol combination to freeze to the wheels while the other symbols are replaced by new ones. If the new symbols that appear fit into your cluster with the same winning symbols will this proceed. As the playing field is filled with the same symbols, you can look forward to really great prizes!

Special Symbols and Bonus Features

casino bonusesWe’re probably all pretty accustomed to three in a row with prizes in the slot connection, but it is not in Aloha! Cluster Pays. It is as the name suggests, instead clusters of adjacent symbols (both vertically and longitudinally) that apply. Nine (9) pieces necessary to win anything but the game plan allows the entire thirty (30) identical symbols. It is obviously not up spinning just like that but with the help of re-spins pasted symbols, it becomes much easier. These activated randomly when you get a cluster profit.

Free spins is another way to get great combinations of the same symbol. For by every other free spin bonus round is lost a little less paying symbol completely from the wheels. After the second spin disappears flowers, after the fourth free spin disappear even snails, then falling coconuts removed after the sixth spin and after the eighth pineapple is also sidelined. During the free spins, it unfortunately did not receive any re-spins but you can win more free spins.

To activate the bonus round with three or more free spin symbols that look like a postage stamp and is a stacked symbol. It is sufficient that part of the symbol stuck on the playfield to be counted. Although the whole symbol stuck it will only count as a symbol, even though it has the size of two. Free spins symbols need not be in the cluster to be counted, but act as Scatters do in “normal” video slots. You can see the number of free spins you get rewarded with the images above. There you can also see how many additional free spins you can win if you are already in the bonus round.


It is easy to draw the smile on your face and be in a good mood when you play on the seductive slot Aloha. Hula background and music lightens the mood and we are treated to a pure entertainment. The new sort of bonus feature may sound more complicated than it is, there are great chances to win in Aloha Cluster Pays! Aloha! Cluster Pays is not just a gaming machine is revolutionary in many respects, it is also very entertaining. Graphics and sound are of the highest class, which contributes to the Hawaiian-feeling arises immediately.


  • Mobile Version Available
  • Welcome Bonus Available up to £1000
  • 100 Free Spins

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