Elektra Slot Review

casino bonusesIt’s not often we see female super heroes with cool martial arts techniques and lots of POW. But Marvel’s Elektra is an exception to this. Ever since she first appeared in the comic Daredevil, she has both impressed and horrified. Because of that she has eleven out of ten in the coolness factor, it feels like a given that Playtech has chosen to make the Elektra slot, a slot that is part of the fabulous network of Marvel slots.

Elektra will probably always be associated with Matthew Murdock, Daredevil man behind the mask. They studied at the same university and fell in love with each other. Tragic circumstances, like Elektra’s father was killed, and she took justice into their own hands, drove the lovers apart. In the slot machine we meet a Elektra is both hero and anti-hero, and she has a whole arsenal of ninja weapons.

Gameplay, Theme and Graphics

Not only that slot Elektra has an interesting frame story, the game features and bonus games tips to the game further. In this casino game has progressive jackpots, namely jackpots that grow as people are playing on the slot machine. What distinguishes jackpot winnings from a ‘regular’ progressive jackpot is that you can play on all the Marvel slots and still get the same bonus game, a game about big money.Elektra slot from the software company Playtech has five wheels, three rows and 20 bet lines. You have to spend money on – in other words, to activate – the betting lines you want to have chance of winning.

There is no doubt that this Marvel slot is dedicated to Elektra: symbols are namely a pervasive martial arts theme. Elektra is overpriced included. She is found on the second, third and the fourth wheel and acts as the wild symbol. In the bonus game, she was overpriced an expanding wild. Sai symbols yields 5 x 5000 coins, a nice jackpot win in the main game. But it Should not be forgotten That slot Elektra has Several bonus games.

Special Symbols and Bonus Features

casino bonusesIn Elektra slot is Elektra’s own symbol, a stylish mix of a sai swords and the letter E, which is the scatter. Three such Elektra symbols lead you to the bonus game that can give you up to 14 free spins with different multipliers. Each bonus game – a total of the three pieces – have special wild symbols consisting of martial arts weapons. This gives you extra good winning chances.

Although the bonus games linked to Elektra slot machine is more than well, it ‘s usually Marvel bonuses that attract most. The slot machine is just such Marvel bonuses, and if you win such depends partly on how much money you bet on a spin, and partly on chance. The bonuses are gambling on progressive jackpots with different levels. The levels are a total of four pieces: Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power. So what is meant by progressive jackpots? They relate to so-called progressive slots. This type of slot machines is usually included in major global casino network, such as the Marvel slots, which allows soaring profits. For every player that spins on a progressive slot jackpot increases. Marvel slot games from Playtech is known for the ultimate jackpot.


Elektra slot combines an awesome superhero theme with the excitement of martial arts, action and progressive jackpots. Elektra’s that familiar, one of Marvel’s most successful female heroes. She is associated with Daredevil. But she is also an anti-hero, and it is this balance Playtech fixes so well in the slot machine. It feels like Elektra, Elektra must be in its own right – I like it!

Marvel slots have become something of a casino-related phenomena. There are few slot machines that can deliver so many different types of bonus games that they can. Besides having the Marvel progressive jackpots each slot machine in the series own bonus game. In Elektra, you can win up to 25 000 coins in the big win. Actually, there should fancy graphical theme to be enough to impress you, but no one says no to well jackpot payouts.

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