Monkey King Yggdrasil Slot Review

casino bonusesWow! It’s the first word that you want to express spontaneously when one spun a few times: The Monkey King (Yggdrasil) – a thrilling slot that takes you on a more than action-packed adventure. The Monkey King, we are most likely somewhere in Japan and on an action-packed treasure hunt with – a monkey! There are lots of different functions and with the very atmospheric giving the background music and the very well-designed sound effects, this is a game that you do not want to stop playing for the first time.

Now the game manufacturer Yggdrasil done it again. Released a casino game that the least impressive with awesome 3D animations, bonus games and striking design. It’s all about the slot machine Monkey King that is based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West that was released during the 1600s. It is in other words a historical journey you must follow if you choose to play the Monkey King from Yggdrasil, where the hunt for ancient treasures is the primary goal.

Gameplay, Theme and Graphics

If you want you can usefully play the Monkey King with a casino bonus. This means that you get to play the Monkey King anymore and more than what you have “paid” to do. We at usually recommend our readers to use and take advantage of casino bonuses for precisely this reason, so if you’ve already thought about getting you a Monkey King bonus as you have thought right! There is no purely bonus game that you can trigger the Monkey King but the game contains a number of other exciting features and surprises. These should we go through this in the review as.

Monkey King has with its harmonious melody a calming effect which may be needed if you could win great benefits offered in the game. The symbols in this slot consists among other things of boxes with hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. But you’ll also see more contemporary symbols that are attached to the story behind the game. These symbols of which include antique objects such as writings and pots. At most you can play for £125 per spin Monkey King while the minimum bet per game round is £0.25. In other words, you can discover the game no matter what budget you have.

Special Symbols and Bonus Features

casino bonusesSomething significant just for the Monkey King is the most valuable wild symbols. These include Sticky Wild that has the property that the symbol will remain over the next spin as long as you manage to pinpoint a winning streak. These Sticky Wilds can occur on row two and row four, replacing virtually all other symbols. Monkey King is also equipped with so-called Countdown Wilds who stays in the game for the next three rounds. These symbols can, however, only occur in the middle row. Something that is good to know is that these wild symbols will not stay there if you raise. Therefore, it can be helpful to adjust efforts to Sticky Wild symbol has disappeared from the screen.

In this slot from Yggdrasil happens to say the least exciting things all the time. Among other things, the slot machine equipped with a Monkey King feature at any time during the game can be activated. When this happens then the monkey in the game suddenly jump up on the board, replacing a common symbol for another one that will give you a more valuable profit. Another symbol that you should keep your eyes open for the treasure chest. It is the treasure chest that will take you into the Free Spins mode in the Monkey King and that is of course where many want. You get three treasure chests in a single round of play, you will be rewarded with free spins. If you manage to get four treasure chests and you also get 1000 extra coins and at five treasure chests in the same round as you will get in addition to free spins even 5000 extra coins.

The Monkey King, there are three different free spins modes you can choose from when you get three or more treasure chests in a single round. First, it’s all about location called “Incremental Wilds” which gives you five free spins. If you choose this option, then the Monkey King animation to add permanent Sticky Wilds on line two and four until both of these lines are completely filled with Wilds. You can also select a mode that is known as “Stacked Wild” where you get a total of 8 spins to play completely free. During Sticky Wilds, free spins then all the wilds arising on row two and four be sticky thus making the entire line gets wild. In this mode, you can also get one specials that make the whole third wheel wild also allowing for incredible profits if you manage to get the wilds of the entire range of two, three and four. The last option for you to get free spins are the “Starting Wild” which consists of ten rounds as you can play for free. Initially you will have a permanent sticky wild in the middle position of the game and that all wild symbols that arise in row two and four will fill the entire line each time.


As you see, is the Monkey King from Yggdrasil an eventful slot where you never risk becoming bored. The game has many features and surprises which makes it reluctant to change the game. As usual, it is a neat and impressive casino games Yggdrasil developed and it makes it worse that you can both gain from left to right and vice versa. Moreover multiplied profits if you get more of the same symbols on a single wheel which is something we like. The game has a clear theme which follows a red thread in everything that happens, and the feeling you get really taking a back to past times.

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