Space Wars Slot Review

casino bonusesThis is not Star Wars, but well Space Wars. There is a slot game from Net Entertainment, which has become quite renowned. There are a lot of similarities with Star Wars and it is probably also the meaning of Space Wars. You’ll find lots of strange creatures, spaceships, meteorites and other space stuff. You can play Space Wars for free or for real money at most casino that offers games from Net Entertainment.

Space Wars slot from Net Entertainment takes you on an amazing adventure up there among the stars in space. You are assigned a unique role in the struggle for supremacy in a galaxy where five different types of aliens battling for control of a powerful crystal. It is easy to forget all about time and space when you get seduced by this game’s graphics, sound design, and all of which are of the highest quality. The game also includes a variety of functions and icons that enable a preference customized gaming experience.

Gameplay, Theme and Graphics

Space Wars is a video slot from the Net Entertainment, which contains excellent gaming features which can be adjusted continuously during the game. Players will find four icons at the bottom of the screen. Each icon represents a specific function. You can choose if you want to keep the sound effects or if they should be turned off during the game. Players can also control the game history, animations, shortcut functions as well as quick play feature. Unlike many other games from Net Entertainment, you miss this slot game a scatter function.

Payment table and the rules of the game open. Players will also find an auto play button that enables game with spins without having to be manually spin the wheel. Space Wars has 5 reel, 4 row and all 40 lines and combinations that you can win. This slot game transports you to a cruel space adventures in a magical world. It is a wonderfully detailed game with a purple and pink background that helps to create a festive feeling of space. This is complemented by a large extraterrestrial figure on the right side of the screen that fulfills an important role in the game. Space Wars introduces you to different kinds of aliens, such as the octopus-shaped beings with tentacles but also classic green aliens. You can find this video slot with a variety of online activities.

Special Symbols and Bonus Features

casino bonusesSpace Wars is a slot game that fits all types of players and all budgets, whether you only want to play for fun by free entertainment, or even invest more seriously. Climb aboard this space adventure and choose to invest from £0.03 up to £170.

Players find any free spins which one might expect from the slots with this kind of theme. Nor are there any progressive jackpot, but do not despair. Space Wars is fully fueled with bonuses and adrenaline and you get full value for your money. Once you decide to play for real, you can rejoice at the fact that the game offers impressive potential payouts. A standard game can generate up to 100 coins when the red alien plant icon on the payment field. Thanks to a re-spin feature, so you may as players collect up to up to 400 000 coins that can later be exchanged for real money. Players have continuous access to a payment overview which both informs and motivates continued gambling. This overview of potential payments accessed by pressing the question mark function at the bottom left of the screen.

The game offers an unusual bonus system that generates profits associated with when a winning combination on the payline. Thus there is not one but many different combinations that generate profits. Each combination produced gives players a new re-spin and when activated, so moved the winning combination for Cloning Pod. This cloning pod will in turn copy the symbols, and offer them as nicely designed icons on the reels during re-spins. The icons represent different themes that are relevant to the game. These unique bonus features allows players to succeed in many different winning combinations on the screen and can become happy owners of big profits. One can win maximum £4200 in large profits.


Our tips to get the best out of Space Wars profits and happy aliens is to audition a few times before you get started for real. Then you’ve finally got some feel for the game and are ready to take on this exciting casino games. Another hot tip is to raise the bet, thus increasing the chances for greater profits during your free spins that come frequently. Then it is worth spending more money per spin as you also automatically click home more money too. One last tip is something we have already mentioned, and that is that you can stop the wheel itself and thus affect the positions of the symbols. If you want to know even more about the game, there is a question mark, click, and then it comes up a box with information about Space Wars.

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