Spinata Grande Slot Review

casino bonusesSpinata Grande pulls a senseless Mexican steam roller. The entertainment is constant and we are treated to a lovely Mexican gaming experience with piñatas, sombreros and of course many chances to win! Getting a slot to stick out properly is not easy. It is easy for the different games are similar and that it therefore not be surprised. Spinata Grande, however, is a shining exception, and in this slot has NetEnt very successful in creating a new and innovative games. As the name suggests, it is a strong Mexican theme in Spinata Grande. It’s full speed all the time, the colors are many, and it feels as if the gains are both numerous and recurring. The gaming wheel is almost unique and it can take a while before you understand how to win.

Once you make it so is Spinata Grande a pure delight. The greatest benefit in our opinion is the free spins mode. To win free spins are required to “colossal wild” – show up at the gypsy. Its size can vary, but you have to get at least 3 scatter symbols – when you get 5 free spins that can potentially lead to a really high profits. The beauty of Spinata Grande is that you can win big even in the normal state. Profits everything lurking around the corner is the feeling. Overall NetEnt has managed to combine the look, entertainment and chances to win in a perfect blend. Spinata Grande may well become a future classic slot.

Gameplay, Theme and Graphics

Spinata Grande slot game is a tribute to Mexico! Here is the theme festivities, piñatas and colorful animals bulls, fish, donkeys and parrots in the form of right pinatas! It’s really just tacos and tequila missing to complete the Mexican feast table. A short animated intro when it kicks off the game reveal precisely what this is all about – a Mexican holiday celebration!

“Spinata” is of course a resourceful combination of the words “spin” and “pinata,” which just by itself makes us think about the extra Spinata. In the game’s background and the graphics found many typical (or perhaps stereotypical) elements. The graphics are pretty cute, which is completely in the second game. Perhaps best of all is that this theme feels 100% unique – and they have been successful in this, no doubt.

Special Symbols and Bonus Features

casino bonusesThere are a couple of special features in Spinata Grande when this slot was not previously seen precisely in this way at a casino or a casino. We’ll explain the most important symbols and special features for you now. The so-called colossal symbols are enormous symbols that covers a large part of the court, or at least several of the positions on the playing wheel. In Spinata Grande slot machine symbols can all adopt this colossal form, and then show up as 2×2 or 3×3 positions. Profit Chances increases obviously with these colossal-symbols.

This bonus feature in Spinata Grande means that one of the game’s bonuses activated. It happens when you get the Mini-Slot symbol on the 3×3 of the playing symbols. When this occurs, it will play out a slot inside the gaming machine, namely a Mini Slot. The 3×3 symbols then begins to spin as their own Spinata Grande wheels and it can be spun up symbols free spins, cash prizes and Extra Spin symbols! If during the Mini-Slot function, at least three free spins, you get a round with five free spins, but you can add additional free spins. When you run the Free Spins feature, you can bring up the Wild symbols and Colossal Wilds which can then give you the really big profits!


Spinata Grande is a delightful slot from NetEnt flirting and celebrates the Mexican party! Here are festive, fun, music and piñatas in full focus from the time you first start spinning the slot machine! Spinata Grande has a high theoretical repayment percent, new unique bonuses and special features such as Wilds and Colossal Mini-Slots (one slot within a slot machine) and plenty of opportunities for really big profits. NetEnt do than rarely disappointed, and Spinata Grande is a typical example of yet another much play host slot from the developer! Try to play today at one of the casinos that have Spinata Grande you see here!


  • Mobile Version Available
  • Welcome Bonus Available up to £1000
  • 100 Free Spins

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