Progressive Jackpots and How They Work

casino bonusesMany casinos market games with progressive jackpots without closer to explaining what it actually are. Here we sort out what all the questions about the progressive jackpots.

If a normal jackpot is one million and someone wins the jackpot then the next game still be a million for all players. If no one wins the jackpot on a full year, it does not matter. The usual jackpot remains fixed predetermined sum all the time.

With progressive jackpot means a jackpot that grows and grows until someone wins it. The jackpot grows as people play (and do not win the jackpot). For each game as someone played and not won, so be a small sum and added to the jackpot. It’s the principle of how the jackpot can grow. If no one won the jackpot in a very long means it has had a long time to grow big. Once someone wins the jackpot, it will go down on his starting amount can be any amount. Then begin building again.

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To get to a really hearty size of a progressive jackpot you have to many players help each other to play and build the jackpot. The more the better, of course. So-called local progressive jackpots are jackpots that are just being built out of a single game companies’ customers. So if the Swedish gambling company Betsson for example, have a game with a local progressive jackpot is just Betsson’s own customers who help each other to build the jackpot in the game.

But there is also something called global progressive jackpots which means that several gambling companies customers help each other to build the jackpot. An example of a global progressive jackpot is a jackpot that you can win on the familiar slot machine Mega Fortune.

Usually the slots equipped with progressive jackpots and the largest jackpots offered by just bandits. However, there are also less progressive jackpots in games like bingo, blackjack and roulette. Usually it works then so you have to make an additional side bet for a chance at the jackpot. One thing you finally think about is playing at a casino with EU license. Tax laws in the EU implies that casino winnings are tax-free in the EU. Do you play however in an online casino with a license from a country outside the EU, you must declare and pay taxes on your winnings. And how fun is it to win 30 million if you must give half to the taxman? Good luck.

Mega Fortune – The game with a global Progressive Jackpot

First and foremost, we have to short discuss what happens when a casino get into games that customers can play. Many believe that the casinos themselves produce their games. There are extremely few who do. Almost all casinos hire their games from game makers. And there are many casinos that rent the same game from a single game makers.

Some games that game developers rent are equipped with a jackpot of progressive nature. An example is the slot machine Mega Fortune is developed and licensed by the Swedish casino game developer Net Entertainment. Net Entertainment rent then the Mega Fortune to hundreds of casinos whose customers together to help build the progressive jackpot slot machine is equipped with.

The principle of Net Entertainment Mega Fortune rents out to lots of casinos is not unique to the slot machine. They rent out all their games to lots of casinos. But what makes the Mega Fortune special is that it has this progressive jackpot. There are players who have won well over 100 million on Mega Fortune, which meant that the slot machine has a bit of an icon status among casino games.

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