Fruitoids Slot Review

casino bonusesThere is a constant stream of launches of new, fresh and cheeky slots from various suppliers. A casino player those that are fairly new in the gaming world when it comes to slots, Yggdrasil. But in just a short time has managed the art of creating a name that is to be reckoned with. An innovative slot from Yggdrasil, who is a newcomer to the range is Fruitoids. It might be a little funny name but it raises some curiosity that makes you happy, click once in the game. Here you will take part in a colorful game with high quality in terms of both graphics and sound. Also included is of course also special features that enhance the gaming experience further. If you’ve played any of Yggdrasil’s earlier creations such as Nirvana or Monkey King, perhaps you will recognize you even in Fruitoids.

To explain it a little funny name, you can divide it into two parts. To begin with, we have the “fruit” which of course is English and means fruit. The latter part of the title of “oid” is known as a suffix, and comes from the Greek. The meaning is “like” and Fruitoids thus means something fruity. You have to have imagination when creating slots and there is certainly no lack of Yggdrasil, whether one thinks of the title or the fruit-like creatures that represent the symbols in the game.

Gameplay, Theme and Graphics

The theme of Fruitoids is a bit odd. The name reveals that fruits are by any means, but the addition of “Oids”? What is it about? Well, if in the form of fruits like creatures. “Oid” is just an addition to adding to demonstrate the similarity, such as “android” (human-like). The fruits are certainly not ones that you can buy in the grocery store. Instead, they feel alive. Some are in the form of corals of various kinds, while others look like coconuts or berries.

The background music is something Yggdrasil Gaming normally attaches great importance, so in Fruitoids. In the background you hear a rather soothing and contemplative jazzy beat of a mysterious theme. Previously Yggdrasil made of classic works such as a waltz by Strauss to be the background music, and we assume that even the background music in Fruitoids has a famous model.

Special Symbols and Bonus Features

casino bonusesMost of Yggdrasil slots are built in a classic way and it is also Fruitoids. You play with five wheels, three rows and 25 bet lines. It’s up to you to decide how many bet lines you wish to play with. But it’s not just that. You also determine which coin value you wish to play with. So you have the opportunity to play for your gambling budget. As at least you can play for £0.80 in Fruitoids and the maximum bet you can play with is £50. So this slot machine suit most people’s budget.

Usually there are some special symbols such as a wild symbol and a scatter symbol in slots but Fruitoids is an exception. Here you will find namely no such symbols and you can not win some free spins. Thus, one can safely say that Fruitoids is a very dedicated slot. But despite the lack of a variety of special features there are, after all, two features that are worth mentioning. The first is re-spins function and is referred to “freeze re-spin”. This function works so that when you win by at least three symbols, the winning symbols to be frozen solid in which they have landed while the reels spin again. Should the previously profitable combination of symbols will be built on re-spins function to continue.

Further, multiplier function. This function will be triggered in time while re-spins function. Multiplier feature can make you win extra but it comes to you successfully complete a minimum wheel number one and two on the left with the same symbols for that to happen anything. Have you come so far that you have filled two wheels are rewarded with a multiplier of x2. This will then increase gradually as you fill the next wheel and so on.


Fruitoids offers an innovative theme that is unlike anything else. You get to see the fruit-like objects that could be picked directly from outer space. But they are not scary, but only colorful and almost beautiful in an odd way. There are sparse with different special features, but the two that there is not of the picks directly and combined with the superb design makes Fruitoids well worth trying.


  • Mobile Version Available
  • Welcome Bonus Available up to £1000
  • 100 Free Spins

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