Wolverine Slot Review

casino bonusesWolverine made his debut in the comic book Hulk back in 1974. We know, of course, recognize him with his characteristic retractable claws from all the great films of X-Men. We who enjoy playing slots online is of course very pleased that our unique hero now also available as a video slot from Marvel. Especially good is that because the slot is from Marvel have a chance at Marvel 3 different progressive jackpots. The highest common jackpot you can win is 3000 coins. Do you really float will activate an action-packed bonus games when Wolverine faces his archenemy Sabretoth in a classic fighting game that is like taken from an arcade.

With 5 reels and 25 lines all over it is the action right from the start and if that is what you are looking for when you play slots Wolverine really something for you. The minimum bet is 0.01 and you can bet up to 5 coins per spin. This game has bonus features and special features that we will discuss later. So clearly there, you can also win by more classical way namely to get 5 pieces of the same symbol in a row.

Gameplay, Theme and Graphics

Do you get 5 pieces wild Wolverine symbols in a row then you have won the top jackpot and you suddenly 3000 coins to the cashier. Other top prize you win by getting five pieces Sabretooth symbols in a row. Then it so cleverly that depending on how much you bet when you win, and if you played on all 25 lines you win 100 times the sum or 2500 coins. Would you get 5 pieces of James Howlet symbol, which is Wolverine’s alter ego in the human form, you have 1500 coins won the third highest profit off bonus games.

There are more symbols that fit the theme of this slot so that the known precipitated knife resembled claws and would, for example, five of the symbol in a row, you win 200 coins. Wolverine symbol also acts as a wild substitute then it can replace any other symbol except the scatter and thus give you more chances of different winning combinations. Scatter is really a symbol that you have use of the in this slot.

Special Symbols and Bonus Features

casino bonusesIn this game the wild symbol thus wolverine yourself something to the whole future of hope. Do you get the symbol, the person said, replacing the other symbols in your favor and you can win jackpots. It has another very interesting feature that works like this, if you get three or four wilds anywhere on the screen to activate a special function that is called re-spins. What happens then is your wilds freezes and remains in the screen and all the other wheel spins, thus giving you a chance at the highest profits – the jackpot. One could call it a free spin with which specialize in order to get even a chance to win the jackpot.

Would you have such fluency that you get three scatter Sabretooth on the screen to start a new game in the game called Wolverine ‘v` Sabretooth. If you have played some of the classic beat em up games such as Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, you will recognize you in the bonus game. You now have Wolverine’s fate in your hands or you can say that Wolverine has your fate in his claws. The game is to try to win against your arch-nemesis Sabretooth. You attack by choosing between three different techniques – Slash or Kick. Depending on which you choose to get into a successful battle or manage your enemy blocking your crazy attack. It is therefore important to keep calm and try to calculate the impact that has the greatest chance of success. This is not easy because the game really gets your heart rate to increase. Not only because of the awesome graphics but also because you now have the chance to win real good and big profits.

For each successful hit, you are assigned a random amount and you would be so spot on that you manage to defeat Sabretooth win Furthermore, an additional gain for the match victory plus benefits for each successful battle, you got into. Will, however, you defeated so ends the bonus and you keep what you won until your fateful loss.


Are you fascinated by the character Wolverine and want a fast-paced and action-packed slot is this Marvel-based video slot really something to bet on. With all 25 lines, 3 pieces Marvel progressive jackpots, a huge jackpot of 3000 coins, you actually have even a little more chance of winning because of the special function to re-spins are activated when you get 3 or more wild symbols. Also, if you like biting em up game, you have the bonus game is really your chance to both lira arcade games and win more coins. In short, you have through this slot slightly to tighten the grip of.

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