What is Wheel of Rizk?

casino bonusesThe hottest casino right now must be Rizk Casino. They have a quite excellent casino that is more or less completely lag-free. Everything is really super fast. They have nice games and has worked on developing a tempting offer worth 200% up to £100 and spins of the Wheel of Rizk.

But what is the Wheel of Rizk? Some seem to think that there is some kind of super-free spin. It is actually not far from it, but not quite right. Wheel of Rizk’s Casino interludes and a way for Rizk giving their players the rewards in a playful way. Thus, instead of getting an email with a bunch of free spins that thanks to you been a customer for a while, you get then spin the Wheel of Rizk. The wheel can then win free spins, money, go on a BLANK or drag home a jackpot. It’s like a loyalty program simply. Rizk describes the Wheel of Rizk as: “About the same style as the Wheel of Fortune, but a million times cooler.”

Wheel of Rizk get spinning after you have earned it by filling up his so-called Power Bar. There is a meter that fills in as the playing of games Rizk. No matter what game you play as the meter fills up. And the more you bet, the more quickly fill up your Power Bar. When your power bar is full, activate the Wheel of Rizk. To spin the Wheel of Rizk, go to the section labeled “Rewards”. Click your way to activate your spins and keep your fingers crossed that you win it you are eager to win.

You Can Win in the Wheel of Rizk:

  • Skull – this thing you do not get. If you happen to get the skull of the Wheel of Rizk you win nothing. There is only a skull so it is only one chance in 16 that you get the skull. But the risk is of course that you go on this.
  • Free Spins – The red ground game with an “R” on gives you free spins. There are three of these.
  • Super Spins – Super Spins are as free spins, the more valuable. The difference is that the coin value is increased. Standard on the free spins is that you get one penny in value per spin. With Super Spins are value instead of ten crowns. It is the green play ground with an “R” in giving the Super Spins.
  • Mega Spins – Mega Spins are as Super Spins on Steroids. It is the blue token with an “R” on the providing Mega Spins.
  • Lotto Drawing – Lotto draw is the icon that says “Raffle” on. Rizk mascot, The Captain, will fix with a fair profit to you if you land on the draw.
  • Jackpot – There is this thing that you really want to get. It is here that you can win the most. However, note that the jackpot can not be cranked up unless you managed to get to the Wheel of Rizk level 10th.
  • Real Money – If the wheel stops on a coin with an “R”, you win real money that will be credited to your account. Cash is king!

Super Wheel of Rizk is a super spin the Wheel of Rizk. In short: for every ten levels you climbed up and locked up the Wheel of Rizk to get a spin that doubles up. Hence the name Super Wheel of Rizk.

Rizk Casino

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